Tough Week

Hi Friends,

Well, I came down with a bad cold this week. It was my turn. My husband and two of my co workers have been sick. I fought and fought, and it finally got me.

Yesterday, Saturday, I made myself Onion and Garlic Get Well Soup, which I found on Pinterest. It came out yummy, and my house smelled amazing all day with the onions slowly caramelizing. Here is the link to the recipe from Champagne Tastes: I am going to pair that with yogurt marinated chicken breast for a couple of my work lunches this week. That recipe comes from Hungry Girl, who I love and follow loyally. By the way, check out her Podcasts. Even though I am a Lifetime WW member, and have been following WW since 2012, I learn something from Hungry Girl every week. I have been getting her newsletters via e mail for years too. Always inspiring. Here is the link to that chicken recipe: I won’t be making skewers, just a regular boneless, skinless chicken breast, which I will portion out using my food scale. The rest of my week’s plans include pairing Trader Joe’s Mediterranean style salad kit with salmon pouches. For breakfast I made cinnamon overnight oats. Everything easy peasy. No ambitious prep today, yet I have prepped, and am ready for a successful week. Unfortunately, I can’t plan any workouts at this time. Not until I’m really feeling better. Especially, since my workouts are water based.

I want to add that Ginger Tea with a little honey and lemon added has been key for me this weekend. Really helps the throat, and is just overall really good for us.

Speaking of Pinterest, I love Pinterest. I have been collecting recipes and other photos and quotes of interest there for years. It has truly been my virtual personal recipe collection. You can find my collections there at

Pinterest is how I taught myself how to make broth based soups with different flavor profiles. And I credit incorporating broth based soups into my diet on a regular basis for much of my weight loss success. I started, like most new WW members by making the WW classic vegetable soup. When I got bored with that flavor, I started looking up soups with different flavor profiles. Asian, Mexican, and Italian are my favorites. I am sure I am not alone on this. For instance, for my Asian soup that I made last week, I added garlic and ginger, along with a little basil to give it the flavor I wanted. I did start with Trader Joe’s Miso Broth too. I used Trader Joe’s frozen Hodgepodge veggie package for the Asian veggie mix I wanted.

For my overnight oats, I use jelly jars as the storage vessels. I mix a half cup of old fashioned oats with about a half teaspoon per serving of ground flax seeds, chia seeds, and cinnamon per serving. Sometimes I am a little heavier handed with the cinnamon. I mix in unsweetened almond milk, stir, seal, and refrigerate. They can be eaten as is, or heated up (which I plan to do this week for sure). I also add berries.

onion and garlic get well soup
mid week lunch combo (no pre prep needed)
overnight oats ingredients
overnight oats prep for 5 portions
overnight oats final product
This is a big part of my get well plan this week. Wonderful with a little honey & lemon added.

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