Recipe Review – The Hits and Misses

Happy Oscar Day! Anyone else out there watching the Red Carpet? I have apologetically loved fashion all my life. If you have seen my Pinterest boards you know this about me. Oh, yes, and it’s my profession.

Today I want to briefly review some of the recipes I have presented to you. There has definitely been room for improvement. Let’s start with the Asian Veggie Soup from my first post. This particular soup was not my best. I learned that if you are going to cook the chicken with the soup to impart the flavor, it’s best to use the slow cooker. The chicken breast turned out tough and dry. If it has the chance to cook slowly, you will get the flavor you want, and the chicken will be tender, and shred easily. I want to add that the zucchini veggie spirals were great in this soup. It’s important to just heat them through. Don’t cook them for long. That way they keep a little texture to bite into. They wouldn’t be as good mushy.

The “Get Well” soup from week 2 was a hit. This recipe I followed to the letter. I am reposting the link in case you missed it. Try it while the weather is still cold.

Get Well Soup with Caramelized Onions and Garlic

The Simple Noodle Soup I made up the week of Feb 3 – FAIL. Only because of the herbs I added. The Herbs de Provence I used made the soup bitter. It works great on meats, though. A little dried basil would have been much better. This is still one of my favorite quick soups to make for the week. The bone broth makes it rich, and the mirepoix veggies makes it taste like old fashioned chicken soup.

The Black Bean Chicken Chili was so good. I will definitely make that again. Here is that link that inspired it:

Other recipe highlights include Hungry-Girl’s Salmon Salad and my egg white frittata from last week. Both very healthy, low cal, low WW points. Of the store bought products I have mentioned, Costco’s Spinach Egg White Frittatas were a big hit in my Cousin’s house. And from my pantry, the Light Progresso Soups have become a favorite staple, as has the Good Thins The Beet One Crackers are my new favorite snack cracker. I still love the low sodium Triscuits, and Ak -Mak crackers. I grew up on those. They actually remind me of my dad.

Another essential store bought product is this chopped veggie mix from Trader Joe’s.
Also, broccoli slaw.

Yesterday I put together the best 8pt lunch that included macaroni and cheese! Make note – see below. This was delicious creamy comfort food, and was oh so easy to make. For the peas, I measured out about a cup of them and just steamed them in the microwave for about 2 minutes in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap. Everything else is self explanatory.

Lean Cuisine Mac & Cheese with Sweet Peas and Tuna Mixed in.

This week I used convenience foods again. I had heard about the Cedar Lane Eggplant Parmesan on the Hungry – Girl podcast. I love eggplant parm so had to try. I layered it under a sauce I made with fresh mushrooms, and Italian style stewed tomatoes and veggie meat balls. I like to go vegetarian for my breakfasts and lunches every so often.

Convenient, healthy ingredients Italian style

I would love to hear from you! Please critique any of the recipes, or food ideas I have presented. And send me your favorites!

Have a great week.

One thought on “Recipe Review – The Hits and Misses

  1. Thanks for photos of Trader Joe’s products. They’re really helpful as I’m finding TJ’s very, very useful in creating healthy meals that are not ho-hum, and maintaining my healthy weight.


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