Counting My Blessings


Jenny’s Jasmine in Bloom circa 5/18/19
Jenny was my dear friend, neighbor, swim mentor, and overall inspiration in life.
We lost her way too soon to breast cancer back in April 2015.
Honoring Jenny today with immense gratitude


“The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they’re thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.” I aspire to this.

Because my work life has been particularly stressful lately, as mentioned in last week’s blog, and will continue that way for a while still, I chose to write a gratitude list today, and vow to start each day with a grateful heart. In preparation I went back and read the journal I started at the suggestion of my WW leader (now coach), the great Amy B. back on September 5, 2015. I was in the middle of my WW journey. She had asked us to write down words in our weight books that were meaningful to us. I wrote Perseverance and Gratitude. I did not realize then how truly relevant those words would continue to be for me throughout this phase of my life. I am still persevering at work, with my weight, and with my orthopedic health, which is what I wrote about then. I am also still reminding myself daily to feel gratitude despite the struggle.

My Gratitude List (the short list)

  1. My overall health, positive attitude, energy, as well as my physical and emotional strength.
  2. My husband, Michael. I am grateful for his love, his support, his complete understanding, and his patience. Some would say we don’t have a conventional marriage. We don’t go out a lot, and he does not accompany me to any family events or very few social events. But what we do works for us, and that is what matters.
  3. My family, and my family of friends. I am grateful for the unconditional love I have from you all. I want to especially shout out to my WW tribe who have listened to me, and been there for me, unwavering. And my to cousin Ilene, who is as close to a big sister as it gets. I want to include my co-workers here too. We have been going through this together, and really have become a different sort of family.

I am also grateful for the knowledge I have gained through my journey with WW, and the teachings of aforementioned Amy B. I started this blog just this year, but I have been practicing #mealprepsunday from the beginning. Keeping this routine going is one of the keys to my weight loss success and continued maintenance. Following is today’s meal prep for my work breakfasts and lunches this week:

Breakfast fritatta

For breakfast this week, I made an egg white fritatta with asparagus, ham, roasted red peppers and red onion. Everything was already in the house. We had opened a can of asparagus from a dinner salad earlier this week. The ham was left over from Friday’s dinner, which was a salad version of a club sandwich (that was good), I keep a jar of roasted red peppers in my refrigerator at all times, as I do with pre-chopped red onions. I weighed out just under 3 oz. of the ham for the entire recipe, which is about 120 calories or 2 points. Everything else is 0 points, and minimal calories. I can have this on a light English muffin or roll it into an Ole Whole Wheat Tortilla. Actually, while writing that I realized that would be really good with a little mustard added…. See how this works? Brainstorming :). If I want to switch it up during the week, I have jars of my cinnamon overnight oats in my refrigerator ready to go.

For lunch I made up a dish inspired by a bag of marinated frozen Italian vegetables I found in the Trader Joe’s freezer, last week, actually. I am pairing that with red lentil pasta that I tossed with zucchini spirals, and sweet red pepper chicken sausage. This was really almost too easy. All I did was boil the pasta. I tossed the cooled pasta with the zucchini spirals. In the morning, I’ll mix that in with some of the defrosted marinated vegetables, a sliced up sausage, and a little fresh basil. I’ll heat it in the microwave at work, and voila – a healthy 6 point lunch. 3 for the veggies (90 calories), and 3 for the sausage (110 calories).


Thank you for joining the conversation. I always welcome any comments, questions, or critiques.

Make next week a meaningful one, and to start each day with a grateful heart.

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