Necessity for the “New Normal”

Phase 1 Started Today; Phase 2 (Open Stores) is Coming Soon!

While navigating through quarantine, I have been cut off from my long time lively hood in the wholesale apparel industry, so I have found a way to create a little income during this challenging time. It has never been my intention to sell anything on this blog, but this is a product for the health and well being of the greater good, so I decided to advertise here.

Disposable Masks. The Highest Quality.

These are hospital quality face masks. You can read most of the details about them on the boxes shown in the image above. They are light weight and breathable. I want to note that they do also have a nose wire, which increases the comfort level.

The cost is $60.00 for a box of 50 masks + postage. If you have interest, please e mail me at:

Please continue to be safe and stay healthy!!

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